Office of Outreach and Small Business Liaison

The Office of Outreach and Small Business Liaison is responsible for executing the Board's outreach strategy, with a particular focus on the small business community. The Office of Outreach is also responsible for planning and conducting a program of small business forums, including both the Board's existing Forums on Auditing in the Small Business Environment and new forums directed to the smaller broker-dealer and broker-dealer auditor communities. This Office also seeks input from the small business community, including public companies, brokers, and others, on issues related to the Board's work. Additionally, the Office of Outreach serves as a point of contact for anyone with questions about the Board's activities and assists in identifying areas where information related to the Board's work may not be well understood and suggesting action to address these areas.

The Office of Outreach also acts as a liaison between the PCAOB and accounting firms and others affected by the Board's work, by:

  • Seeking input and receiving and responding to questions and other concerns relating to the effect of the PCAOB's work on the small business community, including auditors of smaller broker-dealers and their audit clients
  • Serving as a contact for anyone who, as a result of the Board's regulatory activities, may have difficulties dealing with the PCAOB
  • Assisting investors, smaller accounting firms and others in locating publicly available information issued by the Board, including inspection reports, disciplinary proceeding results, PCAOB general reports, and other Board materials
  • Facilitating outside party contact with appropriate PCAOB staff regarding specific PCAOB-related issues

Forum on Auditing in the Small Business Environment

The PCAOB holds meetings throughout the country for registered accounting firms in the small business community to learn more about the work of the Board and to give feedback directly to Board Members and staff. The program focuses on the PCAOB inspection process and the impact of new auditing standards.

 Forum on Auditing for Broker-Dealers

These are one-day seminars designed specifically for those auditors who are registered with the PCAOB because they audit brokers or dealers as well as for auditors with both small business and broker-dealer clients. They cover the PCAOB inspection process, compliance with standards, and other issues specific to the broker-dealer auditor community. .The Board held the first of these forums in the second half of 2011.