Progress in the International Inspection Program

In order to provide investors and the public with current information about the PCAOB's international inspection efforts with respect to registered, non-U.S audit firms, the Board is providing the following updated lists. The information in each of the lists is as of June 30, 2015.

  • A list of all jurisdictions in which there are one or more registered non-U.S. firms that the PCAOB has inspected since the inception of the PCAOB's international inspection program in 2004; and
  • A list of the registered non-U.S. firms for which the inspection fieldwork had not yet been completed by the PCAOB, even though four or more years have passed since the end of the calendar year in which the firm first issued an audit report while registered with the PCAOB.

Jurisdictions in which the PCAOB has Conducted Inspections of Registered Non-U.S. Firms