Auditors of Broker-Dealers

PCAOB Registration Process for Auditors of Broker-Dealers

Financial statements of broker-dealers filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission for fiscal years ending after Dec. 31, 2008, must be certified by a registered public accounting firm.

To apply for registration with the PCAOB, an accounting firm must complete an electronic application form and pay an application fee. Information on how to register with the PCAOB and answers to frequently asked questions are available. Under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the PCAOB rules, the Board must, within 45 days after receiving an application and application fee, approve the application, request additional information from the applicant, or provide a notice of hearing to determine whether to approve the application.

Under PCAOB rules, effective Dec. 31, 2009, registered firms must file timely special reports if certain specified events occur; and must file an annual report and pay an annual fee.

Questions about the registration process that are not addressed on this Web site may be directed to the Registration Helpline at (202) 207-9329 or our Web Form. Questions about the requirement for a broker-dealer’s financial statements to be certified by a registered firm should be directed to the SEC.