Global Networks Archive

Many registered public accounting firms are members of networks through which they affiliate with other firms for various business and client service purposes. Registered public accounting firms provide information about those affiliations in their annual reports on PCAOB Form 2. Specifically, Item 5.2 of Form 2 requires a firm to identify, and to provide certain information about, any membership or affiliation the firm has in or with any network, arrangement, alliance, partnership or association that licenses or authorizes audit procedures or manuals or related materials, or the use of a name in connection with the provision of audit services or accounting services.

Some of these networks are global in nature. Not every firm in a network is registered with the PCAOB, but many are. Only those registered firms that report performing certain work are likely to be inspected by PCAOB, as described on the Inspections page of the PCAOB website, accessible via the link to the right.

The current list is accessible via the link to the right. The list is updated annually and includes information from Form 2s filed by the date indicated on the page.  Below are lists which have previoulsy been posted.

Archived Lists