Senior Staff

Board Staff

Francis "Abe" Dymond Chief of Staff for the PCAOB 
Jefferey Bailey Special Counsel to Board Member Jeanette M. Franzel


Enforcement and Investigations

Claudius B. Modesti Director
Kyra C. Armstrong Deputy Director, Attorney
Mark A. Adler Deputy Director, Chief Trial Counsel
Michael Plotnick Deputy Chief Trial Counsel
Raymond J. Hamm Deputy Director, Accountant
Marion E. Koenigs Deputy Director, Accountant
William Ryan Deputy Director, Attorney
C. Ian Anderson
Regional Associate Director
Peter H. Bresnan
Senior Advisor to the Director

Registration and Inspections

Helen A. Munter Director
John Fiebig Senior Deputy Director
Robert Maday Deputy Director, Broker-Dealer Audit Firm Inspection Program
Santina Rocca Deputy Director, Office of the Director
G. Alan Skinner Deputy Director, Non-Affiliated Firm Inspection Program
Sarah Williams Deputy Director, Registration



Suzanne Kinzer Chief Administrative Officer
William F. Wiggins Senior Deputy Chief Administrative Officer

Chief Auditor

Martin F. Baumann Chief Auditor and Director of Professional Standards
Jennifer A. Rand Deputy Division Director and Deputy Chief Auditor
Keith Wilson Deputy Chief Auditor
Patrick McNamee Deputy Chief Auditor
Hunter Jones Chief Counsel

Chief Hearing Officer

Marc B. Dorfman Chief Hearing Officer

Economic and Risk Analysis

Patricia Ledesma Acting Director and Chief Economist, Research and Economic Tools
Michael J. Gurbutt Senior Advisor to the Acting Director
Andres Vinelli
Chief Economist, Standards and Risk Assessment
Michael Lofing Deputy Director, Risk Analysis
Luigi Zingales Founding Director
Christian Leuz Economic Advisor 

General Counsel

J. Gordon Seymour General Counsel
Michael Stevenson Deputy General Counsel
Barbara B. Hannigan Ethics Officer and Senior Compliance Counsel

Government Relations

Kent Bonham Director

Information Technology

Nirav Kapadia Director

Internal Oversight and Performance Assurance

Jill Gosselink Deputy Director

International Affairs

George Botic Director

Outreach and Small Business Liaison

C. Gregory Scates Director

Public Affairs

Colleen Brennan Director


Phoebe W. Brown Secretary