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Our Team

Our Team

Working at the PCAOB

The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board performs its mission of audit oversight with a dynamic team.

We rely on the skills of experienced auditors to perform the vital functions of inspecting registered accounting firms and setting the standards for audits and professional practice.

The international scope of our authority—covering almost 1,000 accounting firms in 90 jurisdictions outside the United States—requires special awareness of the PCAOB's role as a model for audit oversight.

Sharp legal minds and financial experts enable every aspect of the PCAOB's work, from standard setting and rule-making to enforcement and investigations.

Underpinning all of the PCAOB's efforts is a dedication to careful stewardship of our own resources and those of the firms and companies we affect. Top-notch economists support the PCAOB’s efforts to assure that the PCAOB’s operations, standards, and rules are not just cost effective but truly fulfill our goal to further the public interest in the preparation of informative, accurate and independent audit reports.

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Justin Daniel Scott interned at PCAOB in the 2013 and wrote about the professional skills and technical knowledge that he acquired.

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What makes the PCAOB truly unique is our people.

Strength in Diversity

We are respected professionals from different backgrounds, yet our shared passion for protecting investors bonds us together. The PCAOB is a positive, open environment with a commitment to diversity - we're not just a group of experts; we're a vibrant community.

A Culture of Respect

All PCAOB employees are entitled to equal opportunity and a professional work environment, free of discrimination and harassment. A workplace free of discrimination is fundamental to professional success and to the PCAOB's mission.

Make an impact.

The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board relies on professionals, like you, with confidence in their skills and enthusiasm to collaborate with their peers to provide the best possible oversight of audits and auditors.

  • "We work together to come up with solutions to ensure our work is done to the highest standards.”

    - Bob, Inspections Specialist

  • "One thing I really enjoy about PCAOB are the opportunities. Although I conduct inspections, I perform various initiatives that are outside of that field.”

    - Thao, Inspections Specialist

  • "The PCAOB has an extraordinarily ethical culture. Everyone here feels a personal responsibility for maintaining our reputation for integrity.”

    - Barbara, Ethics Officer and Senior Compliance Counsel

Join our mission to protect investors.