Economic and Risk Analysis

The PCAOB is committed to evidence-based oversight and policymaking in order to use its regulatory tools and resources efficiently. The PCAOB employs economists, researchers, and analysts to further these goals.

The staff conducts economic analysis, research, risk assessments, and other data analysis to inform PCAOB activities, including standard setting, inspection, enforcement, and other oversight activities. 

Economists apply quantitative and non-quantitative approaches to help PCAOB evaluate issues in a way that maximizes effectiveness and minimizes unintended consequences.

The staff also identifies and analyzes audit and financial reporting risks and trends to inform PCAOB oversight activities, including its risk-based inspection program.

Post-Implementation Review

Post-implementation review is an important component of high-quality economic analysis of regulatory decision-making. The PCAOB has established a program under which staff conducts post-implementation reviews of PCAOB rules and standards. The objective of the post-implementation review program is to look back at significant rulemakings, after a reasonable period of time has passed, to evaluate the overall effect of the rule or standard. 

Post-Implementation review

Latest Working Papers

Working papers are written by PCAOB staff economists and/or economic research fellows. Working papers are preliminary materials that have not been approved by the Board and reflect only the views of the author(s). (Note: Italic name indicates PCAOB staff economist; bold name indicates current or former fellow.)

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White Papers and Other Research

The PCAOB staff produces research on emerging growth companies and other topics.

Most Recent Report

White papers and other research  

Conference on Auditing and Capital Markets

The PCAOB, in conjunction with The Accounting Review, organizes an annual conference to foster high quality economic research on audit-related topics, including the economic impact of auditing and audit regulation on capital markets.

Economic Research Fellowships

The PCAOB maintains an economic research fellowship program that is intended to generate high quality, publishable economic research on topics that are of direct relevance to the mission of the PCAOB. Among other things, the fellowship program provides a way for the Board to obtain an outside perspective in analyzing data collected by the PCAOB through its oversight activities. The PCAOB solicits applicants for:

  • Senior Fellows. Tenured or tenure-track junior faculty members in economics, finance, accounting, or a related area
  • Fellows. Completed all course work in a doctoral program in economics, finance, accounting, or a related area, and should be actively performing research or writing a dissertation

Economic research fellowships