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Manulife Financial Corporation Financial Corporation7403/1/2017 1:17:19 PM2016895460b9-a7f5-4ddc-9b55-4a3ba8be10cd1263Ernst & Young LLP116905Manulife Financial Corporation1086888MFC; MFC.; MFC.PR.A; MNQFF; MFC.PR.B; MNUFF; MFC.PR.C; MFC.PD; MFC.PE; MFC.PR.F; MFC.PR.G; MFC.PR.H; MFC.PR.I; MFC.PR.J; MFC.PR.K; MFC.PR.L; MFC.PR.M; MNLCF; MFC.PR.N; MFC.PR.O; MNLFF; MFC.PR.P; MFC.PR.R; MFC.PR.Q0126300007Michael Stephen Cox0126300007True