Robert G. Ravas

Special Adviser to Chair Erica Y. Williams

Board Staff

Robert G. Ravas is Special Adviser to Chair Erica Y. Williams and advises her on all matters that come before the Board.

Mr. Ravas was most recently Special Adviser to Acting Chairperson Duane M. DesParte.

Before taking on the role of Special Adviser, Mr. Ravas was an Associate Chief Auditor in the Office of the Chief Auditor (OCA) where he assisted in the development of PCAOB standards and participated in other OCA activities. While at the PCAOB, Mr. Ravas also served on a rotational assignment as an Adviser to former Board Member Kathleen M. Hamm. Mr. Ravas joined the PCAOB in 2012 as an Assistant Chief Auditor in OCA.

Before joining the PCAOB, Mr. Ravas worked more than 14 years for a public accounting firm, spending most of his time auditing public companies in the manufacturing sector. His public accounting experience includes four years working on an international assignment in the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Mr. Ravas has a Bachelor of Science in accounting from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and is a certified public accountant in Ohio and Virginia.