The PCAOB seeks to enhance transparency and provide timely and useful information to our stakeholders on our oversight, research, and outreach activities. The PCAOB resources include publications, videos, reports, whitepapers, and other external communications. Where appropriate, we publish data and analyses for use by researchers and the broader public.


AuditorSearch is a public database of engagement partners and audit firms participating in audits of U.S. public companies. Search by engagement partner, audit firm, or public company.


Staff Publications

The PCAOB publishes reports, white papers, and other documents to provide information to our stakeholders, including a Spotlight series that highlights timely and relevant observations for auditors and others. 


Recent Updates

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Apr. 25, 2023

A new PCAOB staff Spotlight reminds auditors that professional competence and skepticism are essential to quality audits.

Apr. 19, 2023

A new PCAOB staff report provides insights on audits of special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) and de-SPAC transactions.