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Apr. 18, 2024

A new PCAOB staff report shares observations that can help auditors properly test information produced by companies and external sources.

Apr. 11, 2024

The PCAOB has released its 2023 Annual Report, which summarizes its operations and financial results from last year.

About the PCAOB
Mar. 21, 2024

The PCAOB’s Office of the Investor Advocate marks a first year of progress and accomplishment.

Information for Investors
Mar. 21, 2024

Investor Bulletin: Commemorating the PCAOB’s Office of the Investor Advocate’s One-Year Anniversary

Information for Investors
Mar. 12, 2024

Investor Bulletin: Opportunity To Comment on Proposal To Protect Investors From False or Misleading Statements About PCAOB Registration and Oversight

Information for Investors
Jan. 30, 2024

A PCAOB staff report provides insights and reminders for auditors regarding potential factors contributing to high deficiency rates in broker-dealer engagements.

Dec. 21, 2023

A new staff report provides observations from the PCAOB’s target team, a group of inspectors who focus on emerging audit risks and other topics.

Dec. 20, 2023

In a new staff report, the PCAOB’s staff has outlined 2024 inspection priorities, with a focus on driving improvements in audit quality.

Oct. 12, 2023

The PCAOB staff has issued a new resource to address high and increasing rates of audit deficiencies related to engagement quality reviews.

Oct. 6, 2023

The PCAOB has concluded its 2023 Conference on Auditing and Capital Markets, which attracted 359 participants from across academia.

Economic Analysis
Sep. 28, 2023

A new Spotlight publication provides highlights from conversations with more than 200 audit committee chairs that PCAOB staff held in 2022.

Audit Committees
Sep. 21, 2023

On October 26, 2023, the PCAOB will livestream its Forum on Auditing in the Small Business Environment and on Auditing Broker-Dealers.

Broker-Dealers & Small Businesses
Sep. 20, 2023

Investor Bulletin - Opportunity to Comment on Proposal to Strengthen Accountability for Contributing to an Audit Firm’s Violations

Information for Investors
Aug. 10, 2023

The PCAOB’s report on 2022 broker-dealer audits provides recommended actions to address rising deficiency rates.

Jul. 28, 2023

Investor Bulletin - Opportunity to Comment on Proposed Updates to PCAOB Standards Addressing the Use of Data Analytics by Auditors

Information for Investors
Jun. 30, 2023

Investor Bulletin - Opportunity to Comment on PCAOB Proposal on Noncompliance With Laws and Regulations

Information for Investors
Jun. 14, 2023

PCAOB staff report: auditors must respond to unique risks of crypto assets, including fraud.

Apr. 25, 2023

A new PCAOB staff Spotlight reminds auditors that professional competence and skepticism are essential to quality audits.

Apr. 19, 2023

A new PCAOB staff report provides insights on audits of special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) and de-SPAC transactions.

Apr. 17, 2023

Investor Bulletin - Opportunity to Comment on Proposed Standard Addressing Core Auditing Principles and Responsibilities

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