What Was Changed

The new standard adopted by the Board replaced AS 2310, The Confirmation Process, in its entirety with AS 2310, The Auditor’s Use of Confirmation, to strengthen and modernize the requirements for the confirmation process.

Additional information on the new auditing standard: 


Why Did the PCAOB Adopt This Standard?

The audit confirmation process touches nearly every audit and has long been used by auditors. The prior standard was initially written over 30 years ago and had undergone minimal amendments since it was adopted by the PCAOB in 2003.

The Board adopted the new standard to improve the quality of audits when confirmation is used by the auditor and to reflect changes in the means of communication and in business practice, such as the increasing use of electronic communications and third-party intermediaries in the confirmation process.


What Are the Effective Dates?

The new standard and related amendments are effective for audits of fiscal years ending on or after June 15, 2025.

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