Under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Board's rules, non-U.S. public accounting firms that audit or play a substantial role in the audit of U.S. issuers, brokers and dealers are subject to oversight by the PCAOB. Non-U.S. registered firms are subject to PCAOB inspections and enforcement in the same manner as U.S. firms. 

Cross-border cooperation is fundamental to strengthening audit quality globally, and is therefore a priority for the PCAOB. The Board maintains bilateral contact with many jurisdictions around the world.

For inspections, the Board adopted a cooperative framework that allows the PCAOB to rely, to a degree deemed appropriate by the Board, on work performed by home-country regulators. Reliance by the Board is based on a sliding scale: the more independent and rigorous a home-country system of oversight, the more the Board may rely upon it. 

International Cooperation

    Non-U.S. Firm Registration

    Non-U.S. Firm Inspections

    Non-U.S. Firm Enforcement