[This version of the rule will be effective as of December 31, 2016.  The current version of the rule can be found here.] 

       In connection with the preparation or issuance of any audit report, a registered public accounting firm and its associated persons shall comply with all applicable auditing standards adopted by the Board and approved by the SEC, including, to the extent not superseded or amended by the Board, AICPA Statements on Auditing Standards as in existence on April 16, 2003. 

[Effective pursuant to SEC Release Nos 33-8233 & 34-47746 (April 25, 2003); SEC Release No. 34-49624, File No. PCAOB-2003-11 (April 28, 2004); SEC Release No. 34-72087, File No. PCAOB-2013-03 (May 2, 2014); and SEC Release No. 34-75935, File No. PCAOB-2015-01 (September 17, 2015)]