The PCAOB introduced our new brand and website to help advance the Board’s strategic goal of enhancing transparency and accessibility through proactive stakeholder engagement. Our new website also supports our objective to provide more useful and clear information about our oversight activities as we work to drive continuous improvement in audit quality. Our website enhancements focus on four key areas: user-friendly design; access to information; stakeholder engagement; and timeliness of information. These areas were identified based on feedback received through stakeholder engagement and interviews, as well as a review of our site’s analytics.

User-Friendly Design


We updated the look and feel of the website to incorporate our new branding and best practices in user experience. The site’s structure also better aligns with how our users generally search for information. 

Access to Information

We added a more sophisticated and accessible search capability, and we also updated our search platforms that house unique PCAOB information such as AuditorSearch, Firm Inspection Reports, and Enforcement Actions. We consolidated information and added new content on key topics to make our website more relevant to a variety of stakeholders. All of the PCAOB’s historical information continues to be available for public reference.

Stakeholder Engagement


We redesigned and added audience-specific web pages (e.g., Investor pageto highlight more relevant and timely information for key stakeholders. Our pages for academics, audit committees, auditors, investors, and preparers include new or refreshed content and can easily be found from the home page or top navigation under the Resources section.


Timeliness of Information


We added sections such as “Recent Updates” and “Related Information” on landing pages to improve access to the latest and relevant information. The “Recent Updates” section helps users find the most recent activities from the PCAOB on key topics.

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