List of Numbers for Dialing From Outside of the U.S. for PCAOB Open Meeting on November 23, 2021

Below is a list of Global Access Numbers, in order by country.

If a Country has an AT&T Direct Number, the audio conference access requires two-stage dialing. First, dial the AT&T Direct Number and wait a moment. Dial the Toll-Free Dial-In Number and enter the Access Code: 8336425#.

Country Access TypeAT&T Direct NumberDial-In NumberGlobal Dialing Comment
Argentina Toll-Free 0800-444-8546 
Australia Caller Paid 0-2-31130930 
Australia Toll-Free 1-800-95-1741 
Austria Caller Paid 0-1-2057743PREFERRED ACCESS
Austria Toll-Free 0800-22-8431PREFERRED ACCESS
Belgium Caller Paid 02-787-04-63PREFERRED ACCESS
Belgium Toll-Free 0800-5-0495PREFERRED ACCESS
Brazil Toll-Free0-800-888-8288888-251-2949BRAZIL OTHER
Brazil Toll-Free0-800-890-0288888-251-2949FROM BRAZIL
Canada Toll-Free 888-251-2949 
Cayman Islands Toll-Free1-800-225-5288888-251-2949 
Chile Toll-Free 1230-020-0012 
China Caller Paid 400-820-6556 
China Caller Paid 800-820-6556 
Colombia Toll-Free01-800-911-0011888-251-2949FOR SPANISH OPERATOR
Colombia Toll-Free01-800-911-0010888-251-2949 
Costa Rica Toll-Free0-800-011-4114888-251-2949 
Czech Republic Caller Paid 2-39018239 
Czech Republic Caller Paid 225-379-565 
Czech Republic Toll-Free 800-022-629 
Denmark Caller Paid 32-700690PREFERRED ACCESS
Denmark Toll-Free 80-711690PREFERRED ACCESS
Dominican Republic Toll-Free 1-888-251-2949 
Finland Caller Paid 09-427-212-73 
Finland Toll-Free 0800-4-12909 
France Caller Paid 01-70820453PREFERRED ACCESS
France Toll-Free 0800-94-6857PREFERRED ACCESS
Germany Caller Paid 0703-1309-4557PREFERRED ACCESS
Germany Toll-Free 0800-182-4382 
Greece Toll-Free 00-800-11-003-7546 
Hong Kong Toll-Free 6963-0038 
Hong Kong Toll-Free 800-931-586 
Hungary Caller Paid 0-1-7779608 
Hungary Toll-Free 06-800-21-414 
Iceland Toll-Free 800-8793 
India Caller Paid 0-XX-6480-1069XX = 2 DIGIT CITY CODE
India Toll-Free 1800-266-6915PREFERRED ACCESS
Indonesia Toll-Free 001-803-1-003-7546 
Ireland Caller Paid 01-653-3402PREFERRED ACCESS
Ireland Toll-Free 1-800-944-874PREFERRED ACCESS
Israel Toll-Free 180-931-7224 
Italy Caller Paid 02-3030-0684PREFERRED ACCESS
Italy Toll-Free 800-790336 
Japan Toll-Free 050-6864-8234 
Japan Toll-Free 0066-33-830740SOFTBANK TELECOM
Kazakhstan Toll-Free8^800-121-4321888-251-2949 
Korea (south) Toll-Free 070-7488-3041 
Korea (south) Toll-Free 00798-1-1-003-7546 
Latvia Toll-Free 8000-5619 
Luxembourg Caller Paid 3420808810 
Luxembourg Toll-Free 800-2-6804 
Malaysia Caller Paid 03-7724-0457 
Malaysia Toll-Free 1-800-81-8961 
Mexico Caller Paid 01-55-1500-6509 
Mexico Toll-Free 01-800-638-1010 
Mexico Toll-Free 800-638-1010PREFERRED ACCESS
Netherlands Caller Paid 0-20-7945050PREFERRED ACCESS
New Zealand Caller Paid 09-887-6906 
New Zealand Toll-Free 0800-440638 
Norway Caller Paid 21984828 
Norway Toll-Free 800-69-376 
Panama Toll-Free 001-888-251-2949 
Peru Toll-Free 0800-76-729 
Philippines Toll-Free1010-5511-00888-251-2949PLDT
Philippines Toll-Free1010-5511-10888-251-2949PLDT TAGALOG
Philippines Toll-Free105-12888-251-2949TAGALOG
Philippines Toll-Free105-11888-251-2949 
Poland Toll-Free 00-800-151-0259 
Portugal Toll-Free 800-788-008PREFERRED ACCESS
Romania Caller Paid 031-7801157 
Romania Toll-Free 0800-896-127 
Romania Toll-Free 0800-410-184 
Russia Toll-Free8^495-363-2400888-251-2949RUSSIA OTHER
Russia Toll-Free363-2400888-251-2949MOSCOW & ST. PETERSBURG
Russia Toll-Free8^10-800-110-1011888-251-2949OR RUSSIA OTHER
Singapore Toll-Free 3163-9352 
Singapore Toll-Free 800-110-2319 
Slovak Republic Caller Paid 02-3217-9062 
Slovak Republic Toll-Free 0800-223-109 
South Africa Toll-Free0-800-99-0123888-251-2949 
Spain Caller Paid 9-1-7697594PREFERRED ACCESS
Spain Toll-Free 800-906-009PREFERRED ACCESS
Sweden Caller Paid 0-8-50501411PREFERRED ACCESS
Sweden Toll-Free 020-012-5508PREFERRED ACCESS
Switzerland Caller Paid 0-43-2101154PREFERRED ACCESS
Switzerland Toll-Free 0800-55-9867 
Taiwan Caller Paid 0-2-26565423 
Taiwan Toll-Free 0809-07-5952PREFERRED ACCESS
Thailand Caller Paid 02-0321684PREFERRED ACCESS
Thailand Toll-Free 1800-013-863 
Ukraine Toll-Free 0800-801-321 
United Arab Emirates Toll-Free 0800-032-0855 
United Arab Emirates Toll-Free8000-051888-251-2949U.S. MILITARY
United Arab Emirates Toll-Free8000-021888-251-2949 
United Kingdom Caller Paid 0-20-34815242PREFERRED ACCESS
United Kingdom Toll-Free 0800-260-6370PREFERRED ACCESS
Uruguay Toll-Free 000-411-003-7546 
USA Caller Paid 215-861-0694 
USA Toll-Free 888-251-2949 
Uzbekistan Toll-Free8^641-744-0010888-251-2949 
Venezuela Caller Paid 0212-3357643 
Venezuela Toll-Free 0800-100-5819 
Venezuela Toll-Free 0800-378-9789