Board Announces 2008 Standing Advisory Group Members

Washington, DC, Oct. 29, 2007

The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board today announced new appointments and re-appointments to its Standing Advisory Group for 2008.

In May 2007, the Board began soliciting nominations and re-nominations to fill the slots of those whose terms ended this year. The Board received approximately 90 nominations and re-nominations. From this list, the Board selected individuals with expertise in a variety of fields, including accounting, auditing, corporate finance, corporate governance, and investing in public companies.

The list of new, reappointed and current members of the advisory group is linked in Related Information. Biographies of the members can be found on the Board’s Web site at under Standards, Standing Advisory Group.

The new two-year terms will begin in January 2008. Membership in the advisory group is personal to the member, and the duties and responsibilities of the member cannot be delegated to others. The Board solicits nominations and re-nominations annually.

The group is chaired by the Board's Chief Auditor and Director of Professional Standards, Thomas Ray, and meets approximately three times a year.