Chief of Staff Francis “Abe” Dymond to Leave the PCAOB

Washington, Jan. 31, 2020

The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board today announced that Chief of Staff Francis "Abe" Dymond will leave the PCAOB in March after eight years of service to the organization. Mr. Dymond was named Chief of Staff by Chairman William D. Duhnke on January 2, 2018. The PCAOB's Chief of Staff advises the Board on all matters that come before the PCAOB, works closely with Board members and staff, and assists Chairman Duhnke in his management and administration of the PCAOB.

"When I first joined the PCAOB, I asked Abe to stay on as Chief of Staff and he agreed to do so for a limited period of time. Since then, Abe has provided invaluable counsel to me as the Board embarked on an organization-wide transformation effort to advance our strategic vision," said PCAOB Chairman Duhnke. "We were fortunate to have him in this role for more than two years, and I am eternally grateful for his dedicated service to the PCAOB."

"The PCAOB has made substantial progress towards achieving the Board's vision of transforming into a trusted leader that promotes high quality auditing through forward-looking, responsive, and innovative oversight," said Mr. Dymond. "I take pride in the work we've accomplished, and I'm grateful to have played a part in our collective efforts. I want to thank Chairman Duhnke, the Board, and staff for the opportunity to work alongside such mission-driven professionals. They are committed to achieving operational excellence, advancing a culture of integrity and collaboration, and driving continuous improvement in audit quality through innovation and proactive external engagement."

During his time as Chief of Staff, Mr. Dymond has supported the transition of an entirely new Board and helped them assess the PCAOB's leadership capabilities, strategic vision, and organizational structure. He helped guide the Board as it addressed a number of significant initiatives that were in progress under the prior Board, such as supporting implementation of changes to the new auditor's reporting model and enhancing engagement with key stakeholders, among many others. He also assisted the Chairman and Board members in conducting an organization-wide assessment of the Board's operations and helped to identify many opportunities to advance the PCAOB on the organizational maturity curve.

Chairman Duhnke has named Torrie Miller Matous Chief of Staff effective March 1, 2020. Ms. Matous currently leads the PCAOB's Office of External Affairs, which was formed when she joined the PCAOB in 2018. During her time as the Director of External Affairs, she has built a team that plays a critical role in the execution of the Board's strategic objectives to more proactively engage and enhance communications with key PCAOB stakeholders, including audit firms, investors, audit committees, and preparers. Prior to joining the PCAOB, Ms. Matous served in a Chief of Staff role, as well as in other leadership positions.

"During her time at the PCAOB, Torrie has worked collaboratively across the organization to support the Board in executing our key strategic goals," said PCAOB Chairman William D. Duhnke. "I have the utmost confidence in her abilities and judgment, and I know that her deep commitment to advancing the Board's vision will serve the organization well."