PCAOB Discloses Information Related to its International Inspections Program

Washington, D.C., Apr. 7, 2009

The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board today published the list of non-U.S. jurisdictions in which there are registered firms that the Board intends to inspect in 2009.

The intention to publish this information was announced in the Board’s statements in PCAOB Release No. 2008-007, Rule Amendments Concerning the Timing of Certain Inspections of Non-U.S. Firms, and Other Issues Relating to Inspections of Non-U.S. Firms (December 4, 2008).

The Board is publishing this list in order to provide transparency about its international inspection plans for this year. If the Board later removes a jurisdiction from this list, it will make a public announcement explaining why its plans have changed for the particular jurisdiction.