The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion to Fulfilling our Mission

Welcome to the launch of the PCAOB Diversity and Inclusion program. This program means a lot to us – to our continued growth and success as an organization, to our mission to serve the public good, and to our involvement with different cultures around the building and around the world.

As we mark the PCAOB's 15 year anniversary next year, I'm reminded that everything good about the PCAOB comes from you, and our shared effort to do well and take pride in our work.

Our people make us who we are. Our Diversity & Inclusion program has an important role to play in reminding us of that, and how important it is to honor, respect and support all of our people.

A focus on D&I is vital to enrich our ability to attract, retain, and develop an exceptional workforce; and to encourage each other to draw upon our unique experiences, skills and knowledge in ways that enhance the PCAOB's ability to fulfill its mission.

I want to emphasize the importance of inclusive leadership at the PCAOB.

It means sharing information, breaking down silos, encouraging collaboration, and opening yourself up to trying new things. And it always means continually working to build more trust and more mutual reliance on each other.

It means encouraging and respecting diverse points of view. Creating a climate that supports honest, open dialogue can only enhance our ability to communicate, work in teams and problem solve effectively.

Robust discussion, even spirited argument, do not crowd out that respect and support we are talking about. Rather, vigorous debate confirms mutual respect and allows for creativity and increased engagement.

Under the capable leadership of our D&I champions, Shaneen Trotman and Jacqueline Blount, we begin a new chapter in the PCAOB's growth and development as an effective, creative, and innovative organization for the public good.

But the responsibility for creating and maintaining a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace is all of ours. Board members and directors need to set the tone. But each one of us needs to do our part.