[The following paragraph was effective for audits of fiscal years beginning before December 15, 2014. See PCAOB Release No. 2014-002 for audits of fiscal years beginning on or after December 15, 2014, or return to the current version

13.      The following matters, if present, are relevant to the necessary understanding of the company's selection and application of accounting principles, including related disclosures:

  • Significant changes in the company's accounting principles, financial reporting policies, or disclosures and the reasons for such changes;
  • The financial reporting competencies of personnel involved in selecting and applying significant new or complex accounting principles;
  • The accounts or disclosures for which judgment is used in the application of significant accounting principles, especially in determining management's estimates and assumptions;
  • The effect of significant accounting principles in controversial or emerging areas for which there is a lack of authoritative guidance or consensus;
  • The methods the company uses to account for significant and unusual transactions; and
  • Financial reporting standards and laws and regulations that are new to the company, including when and how the company will adopt such requirements.