[The following paragraph was amended by the Board in PCAOB Release 2008-001 (January 29, 2008), effective November 15, 2008.

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If management has not provided reasonable justification for a change in accounting principles, the auditor's opinion should express an exception to the change having been made without reasonable justification, as previously indicated. In addition, the auditor should continue to express his or her exception with respect to the financial statements for the year of change as long as they are presented and reported on. However, the auditor's exception relates to the accounting change and does not affect the status of a newly adopted principle as a generally accepted accounting principle. Accordingly, while expressing an exception for the year of change, the independent auditor's opinion regarding the subsequent years' statements need not express an exception to use of the newly adopted principle. [Paragraph renumbered by the issuance of Statement on Auditing Standards No. 79, December 1995.]