Research and Standard-Setting Projects

PCAOB staff identifies current or emerging audit issues, develops a research agenda, and works on standard-setting projects. 

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Research Projects

Data and Technology

Status: The staff continues to conduct research and engage in outreach activities on how technology-based tools are being used by auditors and preparers and whether there is a need for guidance, changes to PCAOB standards, or other regulatory actions. Learn more.

Audit Evidence

Status: Staff guidance, Evaluating Relevance and Reliability of Audit Evidence Obtained From External Sources, has been issued to assist auditors in applying the requirements in AS 1105 when using information obtained from external sources as audit evidence. The staff continues to conduct research activities on other matters that may affect obtaining and evaluating audit evidence. Learn more.

Standard-Setting Projects

Quality Control

Status: The staff is developing a proposed standard for the Board’s consideration. Learn more

Other Auditors

Status: The staff is analyzing comments on the 2021 Supplemental Request for Comment and developing a recommendation for next steps for the Board’s consideration. Learn more.